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Watchmojo's Top 10 Films That Derailed The Franchise, Including Friday The 13th

The movie business can be very tricky with regard to reception from moviegoers and critics. A winning streak of hit movies can be halted by a single error in the form of a critical and/or commercial flop which could lead filmmakers to make hard adjustments or even end the film franchise.

Remember when Superman III and IV ruined the Christopher Reeve-led Superman film franchise? How about X-Men: The Last Stand ending up as the most brainless movie of its franchise at the time of its release? How about the terrible end of the The Matrix film franchise?

In this countdown of Watchmojo's Top 10 Films That Derailed The Franchise, the Friday the 13th film franchise unsurprisingly made the list. But to find out which Friday film qualified in the chart or how it fared with the others, watch this video now.

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