Screen-Used Jason Voorhees Head Cowl And Goalie Mask From 'Jason Lives'

Well, it has been a few months since we have featured any new props or items on the website and we were just notified of something very cool that has surfaced. Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI is a big fan favorite within the franchise and we try to bring cool items to the fans when we are aware of them, so today we have the head cowl and hockey mask worn in the film!

The items seen in the images below belong to collector and fan Paul Wintner and he posted about them in the Movie Props Facebook Group. Paul got these amazing items from Chris Swift who was a special effects artist on the film. The Jason Voorhees head cowl was screen matched to being used in the paintball scene in the film. The hockey mask is also matched to that scene as well as a bunch of other scenes in Jason Lives.

These items are amazing and would look great in any fan's collection. What do you think of the head cowl and hockey mask and what would you spend to have these?

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