See Friday The 13th And Other Horror Films At Camp Halloweekend!

We love Halloween screenings of classic horror films and of course the more Friday The 13th films we get to see on the big screen, the better. There are already of number of Friday The 13th films announced to show in cinemas this upcoming fright season, but we were just tipped off to a true all encompassing experience that our readers may not soon forget.

Thanks to Consequence Of Sound, we have found out that Alamo Drafthouse has teamed up with Do512 to give adults the ultimate camp experience called Camp Halloweekend!

This Halloween, the Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow is teaming up with Do512 to throw the ultimate adult “summer” camp experience, blending classic camp games and activities with live music throughout the day, then outdoor screenings of some of the greatest summer camp and wilderness horror movies all night long, including a special screening of the original WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER featuring writer/director David Wain live in person!

Also playing will be genre favorites Friday The 13th 1980, Sleepaway Camp, and Evil Dead II! For more information, please visit and become a kid again.
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