How Was Pamela Voorhees As A Cook?

As portrayed by the late Betsy Palmer in the 1980 movie, Pamela Voorhees had a history at Camp Crystal Lake as a cook and she depended on the camp counselors on watching her beloved Jason. As there were no flashback scenes relating to her past work at the camp (only flashbacks of Jason in the lake shown), it's a wonder how Pamela fared as a cook.

To be clear, I never got to read the comics of Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale so I can only speculate what kind of lady she was before the 1957 tragedy of her son's "drowning".

I can only imagine she was a decent cook who helped Camp Crystal Lake organizers feed the kids and the camp staff. Most likely she knew how to fry eggs and bacon, boil corn, cook burgers, make barbeque, grill fresh fish from Crystal Lake and more. Of course it would be interesting to know who taught her to cook.

Can you imagine yourself being a camper or a camp counselor at Camp Crystal Lake eating food cooked by Pamela before her son's tragedy? What food request would you say to her?

Perhaps Jason's mom knew how to prepare a double patty chicken burger like this one from Burger Bus.

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