New Friday The 13th Director's Latest Work Gaining High Praise At TIFF

As our readers and all Friday The 13th fans anxiously await the new film to be released in 2016, the one component of the pre-production that has me most excited for the new adventure of Jason Voorhees is director David Bruckner. I loved the film The Signal (a film that Bruckner co-wrote and co-directed) and his segment of the anthology film V/H/S titled "Amateur Night" is by far my favorite part of that project. Now comes a review of a new anthology film titled Southbound for which David directed a segment called "Accident".

Collider is at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and caught a screening of Southbound for which the site is heaping tons of praise towards Bruckner's segment as the runaway hit of the film. The mention of how David builds tension before unleashing a gory and shocking ending has me completely sold on him to steer the ship of the Friday The 13th franchise.

From Collider
by Perri Nemiroff


Then, in the most seamless transition of the entire movie, we roll right into David Bruckner’s “Accident.” When Lucas (Mather Zickel) accidentally hits a woman with his car on a desolate highway, there’s no one who can help him. He’s got to save her himself.

This is the problem with anthology films. They need to work as a whole but there’s always a risk that one segment will be far superior to the others and in Southbound’s case, that segment is “Accident.” Not only does Bruckner’s mini-narrative get a good deal of momentum due to the way it connects to “Siren,” but it’s also a genius idea period. Thanks to a superb performance from Zickel, Bruckner builds an insane amount of tension through a mere phone call before launching into the more gruesome material which is undoubtedly one of the most wonderfully shocking sequences I’ve seen the entire festival.

I thought it was important to mention David's latest accomplishment and show that the guy can deliver tense and shocking cinema. The only thing left to see is if he can translate that talent into a full feature length film, something his filmography has shown he has not tackled to this point.

Have you seen David's other work before? What did you think of his prior films and what do you expect him to bring to Friday The 13th?
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