Bringing Harry Manfredini Back To Score The Franchise

Many fans were disappointed that franchise composer Harry Manfredini did not return to the new Friday the 13th movie that was released in 2009. It is anyone's guess why he was not asked, but Platinum Dunes tends to go to Steve Jablonsky for all of their films. Harry has expressed many times his willingness to come back to the film franchise if he was asked.

In an interview conducted by Mark Morton in a few years back at, Harry discussed his evolution of composing going from the original Friday The 13th to Swamp Thing to Deep Star Six to Jason X and then to more recent movies like The Mangled.

Read below to see what Harry had to say about rejoining the franchise and for the full article click on the website link above.

“Were you even approached to be involved with the remake?

I think a lot of fans were asking for me, and I definitely would have done it if someone had asked me. But I think that the powers-that-be felt that it was going to be a whole new Jason. They didn’t even use Kane [Hodder] or the guy from Freddy vs. Jason [Ken Kirzinger]. They used somebody else completely, and they also went with a different composer [Brian Tyler].

Now, I haven’t seen the movie, nor do I know what the music sounds like. I was getting phone calls like crazy when it came out from people saying, “this is all screwed up,” “this doesn’t make any sense,” “Jason doesn’t run,” and whatever else bothered them. And they didn’t seem to like the music at all – at least the hardcore fans. I know there is a big push from a lot of fans to have me back for the new one next year. Like I said, I’d be more than happy to do it. I would have also been happy to do that last one, too! But those are things that are not in my control.”

Would you like to see Harry return to score the next Friday The 13th film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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