Citizens of Crystal Lake Part 2: Joey B. & Shelby

With plot details for the Friday the 13th series slowly beginning to bleed out from the CW, it’s becoming evident that a strong focus will be placed on Crystal Lake’s citizens old and new.  With the native Crystal Lake’ers said to be nervously playing hush regarding their home area’s dirty little secret in relation to the Voorhees legacy, and the newer habitants’ eventual awareness of the threat that looms in their forests, viewers can expect to be introduced to many unique residents guaranteed to bring quirky characterizations to the show. While waiting to add new names to the list, let’s look back on some of these unforgettable locals.

As the years of victims piled up, the surrounding residents seemed to get more and more eccentric. Nothing can be truer than the example of the proprietors of Joey B’s diner, Joey B. and her loving husband Shelby. Come Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, Joey B’s has become the local favourite for American home-style burgers and such. And Joey B. runs a tight ship, from having her waitresses adorned in 50’s style plaid dresses, to the décor consisting of counter and booth service style with carrot cake on display topped only by the whiny country music.

And let’s not forget to mention Joey B.’s keen mind for marketing.  Not only does she have her finger on the pulse of what’s happening locally by advertising her newest promotion in the Jason is Dead: 2 for 1 Burger Sale, but she also is a cut throat when it comes to maximizing profits by personally finger carving each burger patty to resemble Jason’s signature hockey mask saving on ground beef for product! In relation, Joey B. is sure to not let anything or anyone get in the way of the diner making a buck, whether it be an adorable baby or a hockey masked mass-murderer.  However, her intolerance of babies is balanced by the love of her “Pookie” in Leslie, and also provides with one of the funniest lines in the series when she demands that baby Stephanie be removed from the diner with “it’ll be just as cute when it’s on the fuckin’ street, GET IT OUT!”

Not that Joey B. doesn’t have a maternal side.  We can’t forget the third member of the B. family, and also valued employee at the diner Ward.  When not slinging burgers for his parents Ward happily guards the diner from outside threats and acts as a calming voice between Joey’s aggressive approach and Shelby’s more passive nature.  Despite being grossed out by his parents’ uninhibited displays of affection in public, and sure annoyance at his Mother’s attempt to match her blue eye shadow and lipstick, Ward willingly risks his life, and “Willy,” to protect the diner from the approaching body hopping Voorhees.

Portrayed by Rusty Schwimmer, Joey B. is sure to be a recognizable face to viewers as she has appeared in over 100 projects over the years including Twister, Candyman, Sleepwalkers and episodes of Tales From the Crypt and X-Files.  An equally recognizable character actor, Shelby is portrayed by Leslie Jordan, who has appeared in such genre staples as American Horror Story, Supernatural, Demonic Toys: Personal Demons, Madhouse, and even an episode of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.  Interestingly, Jason Goes To Hell is the only screen performance for Adam Cranner, who played their son Ward, however Cranner served double duty on the production as he was also the film’s Security Supervisor…lets hope he did a better job than Ward…

While The Final Friday may not be everyone’s favourite entry in the franchise it can surely be said that most are hoping the coming series will include such colourful and memorable characters as this wacky family from Joey B.’s diner!