Malevolent Magazine To Feature Friday The 13th Alumni This Halloween!

Print media has long been thought to be in a state of decay and only a matter of time before it disappears permanently. However, the last few years have proven that magazines related to the Horror genre still have a strong subscriber base and that is evident in some of the newer titles that have popped up over the last five years, including Malevolent Magazine.

This latest Horror magazine published it's first issue in the Spring of 2014 and focuses more on the indie scene by interviewing filmmakers and artists that continue to drive our favorite genre of film. With that being said, Malevolent Magazine has something special in store for Friday The 13th fans this October as they will be producing a Halloween special featuring the Legends Of Horror. This feature will include Friday The 13th 1980 alumni Adrienne King and Ari Lehman as well as a nice tribute to the late Irwin Keys who recently passed away.

Check out for more information on their magazine and look for the Halloween special to drop this October!

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