Props: Rare Demon Dagger From Jason Goes To Hell

Back in 2010, I wrote about the Jason Goes To Hell dagger that was sold on eBay. The original seller was special effects man Bill Forsche, who has worked on numerous Horror films in Hollywood, including Friday The 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street franchises. Bill constructed the dagger many years after Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday wrapped production, utilizing the original master demon handle created for the film and painting it along with adding a rubber blade. The master demon handle was originally a backup for the screen-used dagger seen in the film.

Fast forward to present day and recently, collector Matthew Perlman purchased the actual screen-used dagger with metal blade from Jason Goes To Hell. He was nice enough to share photos of his prop from the film with our website. Thanks to Matthew for sharing this with the fans.

About The Dagger
This well crafted piece features an 11.5" long blade attached to an elaborate handle made from resin which displays a terrifying demon head at the tip. The head features an open mouth with numerous horns as well as a pointed spine that extends down the length of the handle. The handle has been decorated with faux crystals and a faux diamond. The knife's guard has a gold finish and numerous fierce points on the left and right sides. Included with the knife is a brown leather sheath from the production.

The demon dagger is presented in a custom built display case and is backed by a laser cut mount board that features the film’s title and movie stills. Due to production use, the knife features minor wear, however it remains in overall very good condition.

Would you own this rare prop from the franchise to your collection?

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