Film Props: Jason Takes Manhattan Trailer Machete

Many things can be said about the success and failure of Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan, however, there is no denying that the concept of the film had many fans interested and the possibilities for what Jason could do were endless. In a rare occurrence, Jason Takes Manhattan was one of a very few films in the franchise where Jason never used a machete.... except only in promotional materials.

Everyone knows the infamous trailer for the film by now. An unsuspecting New Yorker is taking a stroll by the harbor when a casual observer of the water turns around in a threatening manner with machete in hand. Jason was ready to take Manhattan! The trailer for the film was the only time that Jason wielded the machete and as such, it is a valuable prop indeed.

We found the owner of the prop at, where there are more rare and exciting props from other films in cinema. The machete from the Part 8 trailer is proudly displayed in a case and the machete is even signed by Kane Hodder. Take a look at the machete below and relive the trailer to get a glimpse of the machete one more time!

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