Beyond Disgusting Studios Metallic Jason Goes To Hell Trailer Hockey Mask Now Available

Artist Josh Ludemann has been creating high quality replica hockey masks for the Friday The 13th films for many years. His Beyond Disgusting Studios company creates and sells the various incarnations of the masks from the franchise as well as a few other Horror genre icons. Recently, Josh worked with fellow artist Ruben Morales to create the metallic hockey mask seen in the theatrical trailer for Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday as well as the poster and home video artwork for the film.

Although the mask was never used in the movie, it has always been a source of curiosity for fans, but never given a proper release into the collecting community. That is a problem no longer as this new metallic masterpiece is available for sale at for $180.

Take a look at the mask below and see what you think of the finished product. Let us know your thoughts in the Comment section below.