The Next Jason Voorhees Should Be....?

As the new Friday The 13th film seems to be gearing up for pre-production, the inevitable question will be asked, who will play Jason Voorhees? The answer seems to almost certainly be clear now that Platinum Dunes is involved once again, and that is Derek Mears will return. It makes sense as his performance as the maniacal son of Mrs. Voorhees in Friday The 13th 2009 has almost unanimously been received as positive by the fans. However, there are those people that are loyal to a former Jason actor or even more so, some fans are open to another new actor altogether.

This writer will almost guarantee it will be Derek back as the Jason character with Platinum Dunes involved, unless there are some crazy set of circumstances that interfere with Derek's schedule at the time of production of the new Friday The 13th film. If Derek cannot do it, who would be next in line? There is a large contingent of Kane Hodder fans that would like to see the former four time Jason Voorhees get another crack at portraying The Crystal Lake Slasher. Even if it was his last time as Jason, it would be a much better bon voyage for Kane from the franchise to try and erase the unceremonious dismissal from Freddy vs Jason.

Believe it or not, there are those fans that don't like Derek's or Kane's portrayal of Jason and would like to go to another actor for another fresh take on Jason Voorhees. Names can be thrown out there for who could don the hockey mask next, but one some fans have commented on Social Media that a taller and more bulkier Jason would be desired. Personally, this writer thought the look of Derek as Jason Voorhees was perfect for the portrayal of the character for what audiences are looking for today in the slasher icon.

Friday The 13th is coming to the big screen again soon. The question is, who will be Jason Voorhees this time? Let us know your thoughts and offer your suggestions for the new film below!
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