Original Uber-Jason Concept Art From 'Jason X'

The announcement of Jason X as a new film in the franchise was very exciting for fans in the late 1990's. Filming commenced in 1999 for a planned 2000 release and news on the production slowly trickled out in the burgeoning World Wide Web. The jaw dropping shocker for most fans was the eventual report that Jason Voorhees was to receive a complete makeover and become a cyborg!

Affectionately named Uber-Jason, the Jason cyborg news caused reactions of disbelief during the following months of filming and a reasonable amount of skepticism among the fans held strong until a few sketches leaked online that indeed showed a robotic Jason Voorhees. Some embraced the new look while purists scoffed at the idea. Needless to say, fans still went out to to theaters support the film upon it's release, which was delayed in the United States until 2002.

Below are some original conceptual drawings of Uber-Jason courtesy of special effects artist Stephan Dupuis and later supplied by Crystal Lake Memories. What do you think of the drawings and what would you have changed/added/deleted from the look of Uber-Jason?