Friday The 13th 2016 As A Prequel, Written By Victor Miller

There are a lot of directions that the next Friday The 13th film could go. Many fans have been discussing in our Forum and elsewhere online about what Paramount and Platinum Dunes could be bringing to the table for the next Jason Voorhees starring film.

One idea that has been kicked around for many years is that of a Prequel, where the origins of the Voorhees family might be explored along with the townsfolk of Crystal Lake. This idea has been largely dismissed by the majority of fans who claim to want the Jason Voorhees who kills people rather than a look back at his mongoloid child days. One of the franchise's originators, Victor Miller, has expressed interest in the past about wanting to make a prequel to Friday The 13th 1980.

In an interview in 2013 with TV Store Online, he said the following:

The only thing that would interest me now, and it really interests me actually,  would be if Paramount asked me to write a prequel.  I would be on that like flies on shit. I would love to do that and there is no one more qualified to write a prequel than myself.

If Victor returned to pen a prequel, how many of you would go see that movie and what would the movie ultimately accomplish by exploring the backstory of the characters? Maybe one day we will find out, and it has always been an interesting idea, but it is pretty unlikely to happen.
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