Witness Jason Voorhees And 'His Eyes' This Friday The 13th

Jason Edmiston is one of the premier artists contributing original pieces to Mondo's growing gallery of art prints. His previous Friday The 13th inspired work for Mondo and other companies has garnered lots of praise for how well his vision of Jason Voorhees represents the franchise. Now this upcoming Friday The 13th, he begins a brand new Mondo gallery show titled Eyes Without A Face in Austin, Texas.

Opening: Mar 13, 2015 7pm-10pm
Show Run: Mar 13 - Apr 4, 2015

EYES WITHOUT A FACE features a collection of original art by Jason Edmiston based on 1:1 representations of some of pop culture’s most iconic eyes. The show will be a unique experience showcasing 150 original pieces inspired by film, music, comics, video games, toys and more. Each piece will be presented in life-sized proportions, from tiny plastic toy people, humanoid actors, to giant beasts and more.

Jason's representation of Mr. Voorhees is excellent as is the other characters he has drawn for the show. For more information, please visit mondotees.com
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