The Very Real Story Life Of Todd Farmer As A Hollywood Writer

When I started this website over four years ago, I had no idea what to expect. I had blogged about films previously for a few years, but it was just a nice little side gig and more of a hobby to quench my thirst to be a part of the franchise and reach other fans with a passion like my own. As this site grew and I began making connections with people around the world, I thought that maybe, just maybe I could get into the who show business gig and write stories or whatever it took to just plain be involved in the film industry. Unfortunately, those dreams are far from my reality as having a family and bills to take care of take a larger precedent over wanting to help make films. I am at piece with that now and running this site is a tremendous way to stay connected to films and meet tons of great people that share my same passion.

However, something touched a nerve today within myself, and I felt compelled to write about it. Everyone knows that Todd Farmer wrote the fun popcorn romp Jason X, and although there are fans that will always have allegiance to what is deemed the "proper" Friday The 13th films of the early 1980's, Todd's film was so much fun to watch and experience on the big screen. He truly cared about the fans and tried to deliver the only Friday The 13th film that Hollywood would allow at the time and it is a exciting Jason Voorhees film to experience. Todd later found a lot of success with his My Bloody Valentine remake and got to work with Nicolas Cage on Drive Angry. One would think that a person such as Todd, who has been working in Hollywood for close to twenty years, would have accumulated enough connections with studios and production companies to sustain a happy and financially sound existence writing for a living. Sadly, Todd wrote a reality based wake-up call today for everyone to read and it makes me part sad and part inspired.

Over at BadAss Digest, Todd put himself out there and gives his painful account of how low life has been for him the past couple of years. Even though he has sold successful scripts, Hollywood sort of chewed him up and TRIED to spit him out. Living in his car homeless, Todd chronicles having to work "normal" jobs to pay off debt all the while continuing to write to procure the next paying job and have the ability to visit his daughter who had moved to Tennessee with her mother. Having three kids myself, I can't imagine only being able to see them every 4-6 weeks. To read Todd's words breaks my heart. Thankfully, he found a way to not only make himself completely happy once again, but become successful in his writing as well. Please read his article to get his full story on how he took a very bad situation and made it great for himself once again.

From Hollywood To Homeless: The Writer Of JASON X And DRIVE ANGRY On Screenwriting On The Edge

I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the people involved in making not only the Friday The 13th films, but any film that is produced, are flesh and blood human beings who go out and try to survive the everyday struggles of life just like anyone else. I think Todd's story is a stark reminder of how hard life can get, but I also take from it great inspiration and want to thank him for not only contributing to the franchise, but also for having the courage to put himself out there in a very real, personal way. Thank you so much Todd and I wish you continued success in your career and life with your daughter!
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