Top 3 Resurrections Of Jason Voorhees In Friday The 13th Films

Our Ranking The Franchise series continues today as we have now put together our Top 3 Resurrections Of Jason Voorhees In Friday The 13th Film! Jason's resurrections in the films were an essential part of viewing experience in the franchise and ranking them were difficult. Our readers may or may not agree with the order of our rankings, but fans could list the resurrections higher or lower than what we have listed below.

3. Jason Interrupts Axel's Aerobicise Session  (Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter )

Although this scene lacks a big event that leads to Jason's resurrection, it is the audience's anticipation of how Jason will emerge from the morgue that ranks it as the number 3 come back in the franchise.

After Jason takes and axe to the head at the end of Friday The 13th Part 3, he is presumed dead and transported to the morgue where horny examiner Axel and Nurse Morgan engage in sexual escapades. During the pairs encounter, Jason continues his slow resurrection when his arm drops onto Morgan which prompts her to leave Axel alone in the morgue watching an aerobicise video. Jason then suddenly appears behind Axel with a hacksaw and proceeds to cut his throat while twisting his head in a violent manner.

The tense atmosphere and lead-up to the character's death outweigh some of the more flashier resurrection scenes in the franchise.

2. Tina Has Daddy Issues (Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood)

Part 7 is known for some special mechanical effects shots, but it is the resurrection of Jason that set a destructive tone for Jason Voorhees and highlighted the awesome make-up effects of John Buechler.

Still mourning the loss of her father and managing the guilt of killing him, Tina returns to her Crystal Lake home with her mother and psychiatrist Dr. Crews to resolve her problems. Tina's telekinetic abilities have been mostly suppressed since the death of her father, but a chance encounter with Dr. Crews prompts her to run to the pier outside of her house where she senses someone is in the lake. Thinking it is her father, she uses her powers to unearth her father's remains, however she mistakenly releases Jason Voorhees from his watery grave by awakening his consciousness and breaking the chains that trapped him there.

The combination of Tina's emotion coupled with Harry Manfredini's music and great underwater photography created a visually stunning resurrection of Jason that gave fans a glimpse of how the film was about to unfold.

1. Jason Becomes Frankenstein's Monster (Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6)

When Paramount did an immediate about face from their plans to make Tommy Jarvis their new franchise killer, they enlisted Director Tom McLoughlin to find a way to bring Jason back from the grave. Since Jason was indeed killed in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter, McLoughlin provided fans a spectacular opening scene for the sixth film in the franchise that ushered in the "zombie" Jason era and gave a nice retro resurrection that borrowed from the classic Universal film Frankenstein.

An adult Tommy Jarvis is still experiencing hallucinations of Jason Voorhees murdering his mother and the vacationing teens that lived next door to him when he was a child. He concocts a plan with his friend Hawes to dig up Jason's grave and cremate his corpse to finally put his mind at ease that Jason would never return. Unfortunately, his ill-fated plan resurrects Jason involving a perfectly placed metal pole and a bolt of lightening.

Jason's first kill after his return involved ripping out Hawes' heart and showed fans that this Jason was stronger and even more violent than previous incarnations. Jason's resurrection in this film was the first big action piece to bring Jason back from the dead in the franchise and brought an exciting element to viewers as an excellent tone setter for the rest of the movie.

Let us know what you think of our rankings and if you agree or disagree with the films we have mentioned.
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