NECA's Jason Voorhees Scaler Goes Large

The toy product line NECA continues to produce fun collectibles for genre fans.  In 2014, they thrilled fans of horror, sci-fi and comic books with their Scaler series; collections of miniature characters designed to be attached to cords of any kind including the likeness of such iconic characters as Freddy Krueger, Gizmo, the Xenomorph Alien, the Predator, Godzilla, Batman and the Joker, and of course...Jason Voorhees!

With the success of the original lines of characters, NECA has now unleashed a string of large sized Scalers.  Series two features what is presumably the two biggest sellers from the previously released characters -  HR  Giger's Alien and Mr. Hockey Mask himself!

Measuring in at 3.5 inches, the new Jason Scaler is meant for larger sized cords and cables, and ups the intimidation factor of the toy.  The Scaler is currently available at most novelty and comic shops and definitely worth the typical market price of $13.99 considering the awe-factor it will bring to any office, home or living space! 

Check out all of NECA's unique products, and their Friday the 13th line specifically, at their homepage here: NECA Friday the 13th line
The 3.5 Alien Scaler