The Contents Of Roys Wallet In Friday The 13th: A New Beginning

Before we begin, this is your obligatory spoiler alert about the ending of Friday The 13th: New Beginning. Alright, let's continue. As most of our readers are aware by now, Roy Burns is the paramedic turned homicidal maniac in A New Beginning. He exacts his revenge on the carefree teens and staff at the Pinehurst halfway house, using the persona of Jason Voorhees, due to the death of his estranged son Joey. After his death in the climax of the film, the remaining survivors are taken to the hospital to be examined. It is there that visual aids are used from Roy's wallet to give the necessary exposition of his motive for killing.

Sheriff Tucker presents the film's heroine, Pam, pictures and news articles included within the wallet that show Roy's obsession with Jason Voorhees and his connection to Joey, who was murdered earlier in the film. It's a funny scene because one, why would Roy keep a picture of himself in the wallet, two how did he get a recent picture of Joey in a perfect pose, and three, how did a newspaper reporter survive taking a close-up picture of Jason Voorhees used in the article found in the wallet?

Of course, these are just fun questions meant to spark conversation, but in your opinion, are these pictures and articles normal things to find in a killer's wallet or were these blatantly created to explain why Roy was the killer in the film?