Script Pages Show The Original Death Scene Of Donnie In Friday The 13th 2009

The Donnie character in Friday The 13th 2009 is one of the fun and comedic pieces added to the film that offers moments of levity in the franchise reboot, but also is a central piece to Jason gaining his iconic hockey mask. As such, his death scene has been mired in controversy with fans not only upset over how Jason got his mask, but Donnie's death implies that Jason somehow is protecting weed growing in the forest.

In the theatrical version of the film, Donnie returns to the barn with a sack full of weed he pulled from the forest (The same weed Wade and his friends died trying to find in the opening of the film). As Donnie sits down to "read" an old Playboy magazine, he hears a noise from the loft and goes upstairs to investigate. Jason appears from the shadows once Donnie is in loft, the two struggle and Jason loses his sack mask. The killer then proceeds to slice Donnie in the neck with this machete. As Jason bends down to pick up his sack mask, he discovers a hockey mask laying on the floor. Jason picks up the hockey mask and puts it on.

The original filmed death scene of Donnie, that was cut from the movie, had the character return to the barn from the forest with his bag of weed and find a box of old Playboy magazines, along with an old hockey mask on the shelf. Donnie puts on the mask and begins smoking his weed when he is interrupted by Jason walking down the stairs from the loft with canisters of Kerosene. Jason notices Donnie, approaches him, and beheads him while holding onto his head. Jason stares at the hockey mask still attached to Donnie's head and removes it. Jason drops the head and his sack mask on the ground and walks away wearing his new hockey mask.

This past Friday The 13th, Friday The 13th 2009 co-writer Mark Swift posted the script pages on his and Damian Shannon's Twitter account for what was the originally conceived death scene of Donnie. The pages show that most of what is in the filmed cut death scene is what was written on page, except Jason was not carrying Kerosene down the stairs from the loft. The theatrical death scene was reworked considerably from what was in the script with mostly lukewarm reception from the fans. Check ou the script pages below and let us know what you think of what the scene was originally intended to be like.