Friday The 13th Sequel Stories That Could Have Been

Friday The 13th fans have been kicking around stories for sequels for many years, but there were a lot of stories being shopped around message forums and even Hollywood offices prior to the 2009 film being released. Many of those same stories could still be used for a future sequel past the 2009 film and as such we decided to list out some of the more prominent attempts at bringing Jason back to the big screen.

Below are some of the more interesting ideas for a new Friday The 13th sequel that have been published online in some capacity prior to Friday The 13th 2009 being released in theaters. Many of these story ideas were collected from various online outlets as well as this writer's own archival resources. Enjoy and discuss your favorites and which you would like to see as an actual sequel in theaters!

While past survivor Chris Higgins attempts to forget her dreadful memories by returning to Crystal Lake with her teenage children and doctor, Jason suddenly returns as well with a vengeance to slice through the high school’s homecoming dance (being held at Camp Crystal Lake), as a man claiming to be his father holds the secrets to where he has been and how he was created. NOTE: This story was going to be a sort of reboot, as it told the events of the 1980 original all the way through The Final Chapter, ignoring everything else in the series.

Set to be the sequel to Freddy vs Jason in which the two iconic killers from the first film would be pitted against Ash from the “The Evil Dead” series. As Freddy plans to use the Book of the Dead to carry out his deadliest scheme yet – and possibly re-enter the ‘real world’ as a demonic force, Ash must battle him, while also saving kids in a cabin from the deadly wrath of Jason. The script was quickly dropped when Sam Raimi, creator and rights holder of Ash and The Evil Dead series, refused to participate.

A prison bus passing through the abandoned town of Crystal Lake gets into a car accident with two college girls hoping to document footage on the famous Crystal Lake killer (Jason). With no means of transportation for escape, the girls find themselves being hunted by not only the prisoners, but by the famed hockey-masked killer himself! They must rely on a young, handsome prisoner attempting to redeem himself in order to survive. The death penalty has never been so terrifying! NOTE: This script was rejected by Platinum Dunes as a “Friday” script but rumored to be later sold, where the character of Jason was replaced with a new original killer and the setting was replaced as well. That script was in pre-production stages at one point.

While being transported along a helicopter ride to a research facility in Los Angeles, a frozen Jason is resurrected by an electrical current and after slaughtering most of the helicopter crew the helicopter crashes before he can kill the one final young research intern, Ted. As Ted makes his way out of the mountains of the desert and into the city, he is followed by Jason, who leaves a trail of bloodshed and murders behind Ted. With the crooked police on his tail, a gang war heating up in his path, and a ring of adult filmmakers wanting him dead, Ted turns to a naive social worker to help save him from it all! NOTE: This was originally going to be the ninth film in the series, hoping to pick up on the trend of Jason traveling to large cities. Crystal Lake Entertainment once entertained this concept for a split second when writers Todd Farmer and Dean Lorey discussed Jason's trip to the City of Angels, but it never materialized.

After his sister is brutally murdered by a machete wielding maniac, Tommy goes on a hunt for Jason. As his wife Megan falls into great danger when he attempts to find the man who scarred his childhood, Tommy must face his fears, wise up, and think of way to protect those he loves while burying evil once and for all – as well as his deepest rooted fears!

Jason has not been in Crystal Lake in years. His name is a legend of sorts, and the town has grown comfortable with its surroundings. But suddenly he reappears, ready to wreak havoc. After trapping a biker gang passing through, the hockey masked maniac quickly gets up to his old habits and does what he is known for in Crystal Lake – killing! NOTE: The Biker gang from Part III” were going to play a large role, as one of the Bikers in this script was the younger brother of Ali.