Poll Results: The Fan's Vote For Favorite Jason Voorhees Actor

In one of our recent Fan Polls, which will always be found on the right sidebar of our website, we asked our readers What Is Your Favorite Jason Voorhees Actor? We supplied ten choices of the actors who were credited with playing the psychopathic killer. We knew that Kane Hodder held a large fan following for his portrayal of Jason, but it is really amazing how much of the fan base still are connected to his take on the character.

Kane Hodder retained 56.6% of the vote for the number one favorite actor to play Jason. Although a number of the more seasoned fans claim that Ted White and Richard Brooker are more superior, it seems Kane truly has a very real following. Ted white came in second with 16% of the votes and Richard Brooker came in third with 12.4% from voters. The rest of actor's results can be found in the pie chart above.

What do you think of the results of the vote and do you think this feeling towards the actors may shift in the next 5 to ten years?
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