Behind The Scenes: Shooting Locations Of Friday The 13th 2009

Early 2008 brought a plethora of new images from the filming of Friday The 13th 2009 posted online for people to witness. Fans were very excited to see anything from the shoot and much speculation was being spread throughout the web as to what this new Friday film would bring to the audience. Today, we have some of those photos that were released online from 2008 that were the first behind the scenes imagery from the set of the film.

Below are some of the first photos revealed to the public, which includes on-set photos from scenes where Jared Padalecki is riding his bike by the gas station as well as being pulled over by Officer Bracke in the Crystal Lake police car. Also included is an interesting crew pose with Jared and another photo shows Director Marcus Nispel giving direction to Jared and Daniel Panabaker.

We hope to have more photos from behind the scenes on this film in the near future, but if our visitors have any other photos from this shoot they would like to share with us, please send an email to

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