'Jason vs Freddy': New Poster Shows What Fans Expected In Late 1980's

There is no need to once again dive into the long arduous process that went into finally bringing Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kreuger together in the same film on the big screen in 2003. However, many of our readers are aware that there were very serious negotiations between Paramount Pictures and New Line Cinema in the late 1980's to bring the characters together in one film. Sadly, the two sides could never strike a deal and ultimately Paramount sold the rights of Jason Voorhees to New Line. Well, if you're a sucker for nostalgia, then take a look at the poster below.

Artist Nathan Milliner has once again outdone himself in creating a spectacular retro poster giving fans the "what if" treatment with his poster for Jason vs Freddy, the film that could have been made if the two film companies could have worked out a deal for 1989. Take a look at the credits for the film on the bottom of the poster that would have been a dream team for all fans of the Horror genre.

Thanks to James Michael Barksdale for making us aware of this new poster. Check out Nathan's art at www.rebelrouserart.com to see the other brilliant genre pieces he has created. How many of our readers would have liked to see this film be made?!