Friday The 13th Show Rumor Debunked, No April Start Date

This past Friday an "Exclusive" rumor was posted online that the upcoming Friday The 13th television show was heading into production this April and that the show might actually be landing at the TBS network. Considering the source of the story and contradiction of what we were told recently about the status of the show, we reached out to a person with knowledge of the production of the show and the rumors were debunked.

We were informed that there is currently no start date in sight and that in fact there has been no negotiations on what network may carry the show once it's ready for distribution. Many fans are anxious to see what Crystal Lake Entertainment has in store for the franchise in an episodic nature, but our readers will have to wait a little longer to find out more about the show.

We encourage everyone to look for correct news about the franchise here on our website and we will make sure to let everyone know about news on the start of the show the minute it becomes available!

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