The 2009 Friday the 13th a REMAKE, one of the worst ever for Watchmojo? caught my attention recently as it published another Top Ten Worst Horror Remakes chart which strangely enough included Friday the 13th of twenty-o-nine.

Strangely though is the voiceover in the video below calling the 2009 Friday a reboot even though it has been included in a chart of Another Top 10 Worst Horror Remakes.

Come on Watchmojo! Please come clear with your definitions of reboot and remake before making another video presentation. What will you guys do next, call Man of Steel a remake and include it in a Top Ten Superhero Movie Remakes chart?

Watchmojo: "Was a reboot of Friday the 13th in the 21st century really that necessary?"

My answer - Absolutely. The movie is not perfect but as a long-time Friday fan, I would say that it is still a solid and entertaining movie on its own even though the critics blasted it. It's the best way possible to modernize Friday the 13th and its use of elements from the first four Friday films was the correct approach. Safe to say the 2009 film is a new beginning of the franchise for the 21st century.