Fright-Rags Offers 'Roy's Revenge' Shirt For Friday The 13th

Fright-Rags has done a spectacular job of offering some of the most innovative and relevant shirt designs for the Friday The 13th franchise ever. Their designs always capture the true essence of each film they create a shirt for and now the company has unleashed another awesome masterpiece.

Artist Christopher Lovell has depicted an excellent scene from Friday The 13th: A New Beginning whereas Pam Roberts and Reggie the Reckless are trying to escape the wrath of pseudo Jason, Roy Burns. Fright-Rags has incorporated this art into their new Midnight Madness shirt titled "Roy's Revenge". The shirt is only available for 24 hours on Friday The 13th and once the sale ends tonight, it is gone for forever.

To pre-order your shirt, make sure to visit now to partake in Roy's Revenge on the 30th Anniversasry of the release of A New Beginning!