Should The Father Of Jason Voorhees Appear In The New Friday The 13th Film?

Director Tom McLoughlin started the journey of bringing Jason Voorhees’ father into the Friday the 13th universe by including him in his original ending for Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6. Although Mr. Voorhees did not make it into the finished film for Jason Lives, his story did live on in the Simon Hawke novel adapted from the original screenplay. The 2009 Special Edition DVD of the film showcased storyboard art created by artist Crash Cunningham, which depicted the original ending of Jason Lives and for the first time showed fans a visual representation of what the introduction of Mr. Voorhees could have been like.

The idea of introducing Jason’s father into a Friday The 13th film was toyed around with in the script stages of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday as well. The character was originally conceived as Jason’s brother, Elias, and then morphed into Jason’s father in later drafts. The writers on the film even considered making the character the actual killer of Jason Goes To Hell, however the final decision was made to exclude the character and story line altogether.

The father of Jason Voorhees seems to be a long standing missing component of the franchise, and a character that is always at the center of debate and controversy. Should Jason’s father be included into the Friday the 13th storyline in a new film or should he remain a mystery to the franchise? This writer would like to see him included if Paramount is going to reboot the franchise again as it would add a new dimension to the legacy of the franchise and provide a new link and understanding to the Jason Voorhees character.
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