Freddy vs. Jason Still Fun And One Of The Best Movie Crossovers Ever

If there is anything I like about crossovers, it's the aspect of having important characters or icons encounter each other and enjoying a fun story about them together.

As seen in comic books of superheroes, we've seen lots of times wherein characters from a different comic book series appear in one of the issues of another series. Remember Spider-Man suddenly appearing in one of the issues of the Uncanny X-Men during the time Chris Claremont was the writer? How about the many times Batman and Superman worked together and later get called as the "World's Finest"?

Back in twenty-o-three, fans of the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises got a special treat when the much delayed Freddy vs. Jason opened in movie theaters and later in other forms of entertainment media. In my experience, Freddy vs. Jason was not only a fun movie to watch but in my view it had the best story possible to present the two horror icons together.

I'm happy to say that Freddy vs. Jason made it into Watchmojo's Top 10 Movie Crossovers. How high did it score? You just have to watch it.

It is no secret that bringing Freddy and Jason together was a very tough task. For one thing, producing a crossover in the form of a movie is more complicated than publishing a comic book. There is also the task of presenting a story that pays respect to the concepts of both film franchises.

In a video from the Escapist, it is mentioned that Freddy vs. Jason itself is a better installment than any other single movie installment in either the Nightmare or Friday series. Watch more from this Movie Defense Force video featuring Freddy vs. Jason.

In closing this, I wish to share this action-packed sequence from Freddy vs. Jason. Watch it in high-definition and enjoy. :)