'Jason Goes To Hell' 3-D Promotional Film Standee Display

New Line Cinema really went the extra mile when they were promoting Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday during the film's theatrical release back in 1993. Outside of the Topps comic tie-in and Eclipse trading cards, there was also some pretty cool advertising posters and displays created.

One of the best advertising displays sent out to theaters for the film was the 3-D table top standee. The cardboard advertisement is very rare and a little expensive to obtain now, but if you are a fan of Jason Goes To Hell, this is a must own piece of memorabilia. The standee has two sides and is reversable with one side showing the well known poster with with flames in the background and the hell demon snake protruding outward towards us. The other side of the standee has a black background with both the silver mask and hell demon snake protruding outward.

The film standee shows off a cool little 3-D affect for which this writer has proudly displayed at the website office. Cost for this standee now can reach anywhere between $80-$150 on eBay and other such sites. If you are a collector of all things from the franchise, this is definitely a nice addition to your collection.

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