Friday The 13th Ad Sheets Help Promote Films In Print Publication

Before the Internet became a worldwide sensation, film companies relied on television and print as their main source of advertisement. As such, distributors were tasked with sending out Ad sheets to theaters, newspaper outlets, and magazine publishers to provide a template of marketing designed for each film. Each of the print entities could then use the ad sheet templates to create their own marketing ad to place in print.

Below we have a few original ad sheets created for Friday The 13th Part 2, Friday The 13th Part 3, and Friday The 13th: A New Beginning (Click on the images to enlarge). The templated ads were created for all shapes and sizes to be placed in publication and gave a lot of flexibility for desktop publishers to design a eye catching promotion for a would-be patron of the films. Our readers may own Friday The 13th ads from their local paper from when they were a kid, or seen images of vintage ads online, and they all originated from the Ad sheets you see below.

If you have any vintage newspaper or magazine ads of the films from the franchise, please post them in the comments below for everyone to see!

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