Watch Music Video CAMP BLOOD With Part 3 Disco Theme And Franchise Rip-Off SRIGALA

Are you ready for Friday The 13th fun? Well, Videogram has combined two legendary franchise items to create a fun dance mix to enjoy for the Halloween season. Using footage from Sisworo Gautama Putra's Indonesian Friday The 13th knockoff 'Srigala' and creating a new take on the infamous disco theme from Friday The 13th Part 3, Magnus Sellergren and Videogram have released an awesome music video for their new song titled 'Camp Blood'! The video debuted last week and the song is now available digitally for purchase.

This video is gold for those fans who have not had the chance to watch the Indonesian film Srigala and witness how badly they ripped off the original Friday The 13th. Videogram's take on the Part 3 disco theme is great as well, so check out the music video below and make sure to visit Videogram at the links provided.