Friday The 13th Imitated Indonesian Style In 'Srigala'

Everyone knows that Friday the 13th inspired countless ripoffs and pushed forward the slasher boom in Hollywood in 1980's. The number of films that were created were inspired by numerous plot points created by Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham’s Friday The 13th 1980. As prevalent today as back in the early 1980’s, Hollywood is known for the rinse and repeat mentality when it comes to films producing at the box office. There is nothing unique about that fact, however, what about the international markets?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and such is the case with an Indonesian film that has striking similarities to the original Friday the 13th. The 1981 Indonesian film Srigala does not necessarily follow the plot of a deranged Mrs. Voorhees avenging her son’s death raher this international gem has treasure hunters and speed boat chases. With that being said, however, there are plenty of campers picked off one by one, a killer revealed at the end of the film and the requisite jump scare with a familiar look and feel where the Final Girl is pulled into the water from her boat.

In the film, a bunch of people go to a lake to camp, swim and have fun, however, they are not alone. Three treasure hunters are looking for treasure at the bottom of the lake, but there is still another person lurking in the shadows. That person begins to kill off the people at the camp one by one until the killer is revealed at the end of the film.

Srigala is pure schlock entertainment with the exact same ending as Friday the 13th 1980 and most of the last reel is pretty much a carbon copy of our beloved Mrs. Voorhees slash-a-thon. The film is hard to find, but check out your neighborhood torrents and perhaps you will happen across this pseudo rip-off of Friday The 13th. Watch the trailer below and enjoy!