'Jason Voorhees' ReAction Figure Has Been Revealed

Last Friday we announced that Vinyl collectible company Funko would be partnering with Super 7 to produce a new line of action figures called ReAction Figures. The first wave of this line was released recently for the 1979 film Alien. Now the full assortment of licenses acquired for production of Reaction Figures has been revealed and Friday The 13th is on the list!

When we announced the figure, an image had not been posted for the release, but now Entertainment Earth has posted the figure and card back, which we have added below.

The figure will be released in September 2014. Reaction Figures will release Jason Voorhees as a single 3 3/4 inch figure. The figure will retail for $9.99 and the generic description is below:

From Funko
Get your very own retro action figure from Friday the 13th! This Friday the 13th Jason Vorhees ReAction Retro Action Figure features the murderous psychopath who wears a hockey goalie mask. Measuring 3 3/4-inches tall, this fantastic articulated ReAction Figure from Super7 x Funko takes a look and style that harkens back to classic action figures made by companies like Kenner.

Look for more information on this figure soon.
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