Props: Jason Split Head Torso From Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Most Friday The 13th fans would be more than happy to own any piece used during the production of film in the franchise. Clothing, set props, and other smaller objects would be enough to make our readers excited to have those items part of their collection. If you're lucky enough to own a screen-used hockey mask or one of Jason's killing instruments, then those particular fans would feel even more apart of the their beloved films. What if, however, you could own a Jason Voorhees used in a film. That might be the coolest prop of all!

Well, one such prop does still exist, and over at, one collector that goes by the user name "dimue" has posted the Jason torso used in the climactic finale of Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter! In the ending of the film, Tommy Jarvis slams a machete into the side of Jason Voorhees head, slicing it almost in half, whereas Jason falls to the floor and his mutilated head slides down the machete to the floor. To achieve the effect of Jason's head sliding down the machete while having working facial features, a special full size puppet was created for the maniacal character.

Below are recent photos of the Jason torso puppet along with an explanation of the what the torso and head are made out of.

The bust is made of foam latex exterior with interior mechanics connected to remote control mechanisms which are still presently attached at bottom and allowed for puppeteers to control Jason’s head and facial movements.  It features the original shirt from the production which has several dried faux blood stains and cuts throughout.  The head of the piece is made of fiberglass under the foam latex and features a hinged top which can be opened to reveal the inner mechanics.

Due to heavy production use and age, this piece has areas of heavy wear around the top of the head with some chipping of the foam latex; the head has staining throughout due to the large amount of fake blood used for the effect (see photos).  Overall the piece measures approximately 25” x 23” (64cm x 58cm) and remains in fair condition.

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