Original Friday The 13th Final Girl Adrienne King Jetting To Horrorhound Weekend

The character Alice Hardy is one of the most recognizable heroines in the Horror genre and actress Adrienne King did an excellent job bringing the franchise's first final girl to life on-screen in Friday The 13th 1980. Fans love to meet her at conventions and now she will be making making her first HorrorHound convention appearance in September!

Adrienne joins fellow Friday The 13th alumni at the convention, including Ted White (Jason Voorhees, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter), Judie Aronson (Sam, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter), Peter Barton (Doug, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter) and William Butler (Michael, Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood). HorrorHound takes place the weekend of September 5-7, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

For more information about the show, please visit www.horrorhoundweekend.com today!