Look For Friday The 13th 'Jason Lives' And 'The New Blood' Mego Figures In 2015

NECA Toys has been been pleasing many film and video game fans with their lines of figures over the last few years, especially in the retro market with the 8-bit Nintendo and Mego styled figures. Speaking of Mego, there has been two Jason Voorhees figures released to this point (Part 3, A New Beginning)  in the format with the Part 2 Jason on the way in September. Our readers, of course, have been wondering if fans will see more Jason Voorhees from NECA in the retro figure, and it looks as though we will soon.

According to Randy Faulk on the NECA Twitter account, we will see one or both renditions of Jason Voorhees from Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 and Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood in 2015. Without question, these two versions of Jason represent the most popular of the character with the widest array of weapons and accessories to package.

Look for more news on these possible figure releases in the near future!