NECA Unveils Info For Nintendo 8-bit Game Inspired Wearable Hockey Mask

Towards the end of this past July, NECA was preparing their booth for San Diego Comic Con and creative director Randy Faulk was tweeting out images of the setup while also teasing some of the products they would have on display. One image tweeted out showed a very familiar mask with a familiar, but unique paint job. The hockey mask looked exactly like the one used by Jason Voorhees in Nintendo's 8-bit video video game in 1989. With the success of the retro figure in 2013, it seemed like a natural progression to release a full size hockey mask to commemorate the game as well.

NECA confirmed the mask today with the first official images of the mask that will be going up for sale this November (Sorry trick or treaters).

His name was Jason… and this was his mask. Or at least it was in the classic Friday the 13th video game!

This full-size, wearable replica of Jason’s mask is based on the 1989 “so-bad-it’s-good” 8-bit game. The hand-painted reproduction features elastic harness straps that allow you to wear it or hang on the wall — and true to the video game original, it glows in the dark! As a bonus, the mask comes in unique, game-inspired packaging.