Could the new Friday the 13th be Focusing on Jason's Younger Years?

Rumours and speculations continue to abound regarding Friday the 13th 2015.  Fans and journalists have been pondering continuously over format (found footage or 3D?), storylines (sequel or reboot?), cast (Derek Mears returning?) and every other potential detail, even if Jason Voorhees himself would return at all.

Brad Fuller, producer for Platinum Dunes who will be behind the next installment, continues to drop quotes that are both bereft of details but at the same time cryptic in that if you read between the lines they may say more than we realize.  Mid-summer 2014, Fuller made a statement that caused an internet fury by sounding as if it was not likely that Jason would be featured in the new chapter.  Fans ranted until Fuller clarified in early August that he had been somewhat misquoted and, as this site reported here, Fuller made clear that Jason would definitely be in the film or there would not be a new film.

Now, in clarification of his misquote, Fuller again makes a statement that may be eluding to the direction of the new film.  As reported by pop-culture site, Fuller goes on to state that his earlier quote was in direct reference to the question of whether or not Friday the 13th 2009’s Jason actor Derek Mears would be returning behind the iconic hockey mask again and not if the Jason character would be featured.  He goes on to state that “I don’t know who would play Jason Voorhees because I don’t know what age he would be or how we would use him…I don’t know who the character is going to be, or at what point in his life we are going to be engaging him in…”

While this may at first appear to be yet another “no-news” news story, Fuller’s quote has led to even further speculation as to the direction of the new script.  Picked up on by such online movie sites as in their story "Which Jason Are We Getting In The New Friday The 13th Film?"  the question has now become, could the new flick be focusing on the younger years of Jason Voorhees?

Much like the recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise announcement that the next sequel in their cannon would focus on the teenage years of the Leatherface character, speculation that the new Friday could be focusing on the younger years of a junior Jason has begun to spread.  Moviepilot’s article poses the questions:

     "Another option would be a very young Jason. Maybe in his teenage years? When he was just learning how to live on his own and make use of his surroundings. Maybe even his first kill could be included, how awesome would that be? To see Jason first find the sack mask would even be nice!
Maybe we could go younger, and have a first time look at Jason before drowning. Back when he was lonely and only interacted with the only person who cared for him, his mother."

So what do we think?  Could you be up for an exploration of the early years of Jason?? Leave your thoughts on the potential storyline below or in our Website Forum here.