Writer Todd Farmer Posts Original Jason X Outline

We always appreciate the open and honest takes on Hollywood that Todd Farmer shares with the fans. It's especially entertaining to read about his involvement in writing and acting in such film such as Drive Angry, My Bloody Valentine and, of course, Jason X. Recently, Todd posted a great find for the Jason in Space film at his personal blog.

The original outline for Jason X was discovered and posted at his blog for which there is the original foundation for ideas which would be used in the film.

From Wendago.com
We tossed out ideas for Jason takes Los Angeles. Jason takes the Middle-East. And I eventually pitched Jason Bladerunner, where Jason is found cryogenically frozen 500 years in the future. Though everyone involved loved the 500 years later part, the idea of creating “Future World” caused budget fears so I pitched the space truckers from Alien finding Jason rather than an Alien. Other horror icons “in space” were mentioned but I kept saying, “Right but Alien/Aliens”. The space truckers quickly became a class trip into space to make the cast younger. And I went home and started writing. 

To read the entire treatment, visit wendago.com.