Mrs. Voorhees Head On A Stick In FREDDY VS JASON Production Sketch

The most controversial scene in Freddy vs Jason for Friday The 13th fans is when Jason enters Freddy's dream world and the Crystal Lake slasher confronts his fear of water. Most fans have scoffed at the idea that Jason was subconsciously afraid of water, but it is plausible within the versus film that New Line created. At any rate, it presented a great opportunity to dive into a little bit of Jason's back-story and incorporate a cool visual into the film.

While Jason reverts back to his mongoloid child form, Freddy decides to find out all of his fears and decides to reveal the chopped off head of Mrs. Voorhees ...... on a stick! This writer always enjoys that little scene in the movie and the trip back to Camp Crystal Lake as well. To create Mrs. Voorhees' head on a stick, actress Paula Shaw (who portrayed Mrs. Voorhees in the film) mentioned to us in an interview a few years ago that she had to endure a 3 hour head casting procedure, something she had never done before in her life.

Below is an original concept drawing created in October 2002 for the film for which Mrs. Voorhees' decapitated head looks eerily familiar to the one found in Alice Hardy's refrigerator in Friday The 13th Part 2.

What are thoughts on the scene and what would you have liked to have seen added?

Image Courtesy Crystal Lake Memories eBook

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