Amazing Never Before Seen Behind The Scenes Photos Of Friday The 13th Part 3

It really is amazing that more than 30 years after these Friday The 13th films have been released in theaters that we are still able to learn new details and witness new images from the production of each of the movies. Although Peter Bracke's Crystal Lake Memories book displayed numerous never before seen behind the scenes photos from the different films in the franchise, there are still crew members coming forward for the first time who own their own personal set photos that reveal new looks at the franchise.

Last year, while we were helping collect images for the Crystal Lake Memories documentary, William Klayer (An electrician on Friday The 13th Part 2) contacted us with scores of behind the scenes photos from Part 2. There were some really exciting images that our readers had never seen before and it was great to spread that excitement to the fans. Get ready for more fun looks at the franchise as we came across some pretty interesting photos today from Friday The 13th Part 3.

As we reported on last year, a new coffee table book titled Goin' To Camp Blood, Ain'tcha? will focus on the filming locations of the original eight Friday The 13th films distributed by Paramount Pictures. The book will feature current on-location photos from where the film productions took place as well as interviews with cast members who shot their scenes in these locations. While photographer and writer Steven Barnhill was researching his book, he began communicating with Steve Slocomb (the first assistant cameraman on Friday The 13th Part 3) and came across a large number of behind the scenes photos from Part 3. Some of the photos were posted on the Facebook page for the book last November and we somehow missed seeing them.

Unfortunately, there has not been an update since last year about the book, but you have to check out the image collage below of behind the scenes photos that mostly focus on the death scene of Rick. This writer has never seen these photos before, and they are really special looks at how the eye popping death scene was set up. Hopefully, we can see more of these images in the future!

Photos Property of Steve Slocomb