The Devils Latex Releases Jason Voorhees From His PART 7 Watery Grave

John Buechler's Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood is often heralded as one of the biggest fan favorites in the franchise, and not because it's the scariest or bloodiest, but because it has a simple Friday formula with one awesome looking Jason Voorhees design. The Voorhees look in Part 7 is definitive in many of our reader's eyes and we admit that that opinion is definitely warranted. Many artists have tried their hand at recreating Jason's look from the film and now another company has taken their turn.

The Devil's Latex has been creating quality replica pieces of favorite characters from Horror, Sci-Fi and comics for many years, and now they have announced their plans for their next release which is a foam filled bust of Jason Voorhees from The New Blood. The new release is priced at $479 plus shipping. If you want to get in on this new bust, visit and send a message to reserve your copy.

Enjoy the photos below and let us know what you think of this latest version of Jason Voorhees from The New Blood.