NECA Reveals Behind The Scenes Pic Of 'Pseudo Jason' Mego Figure Packaging Design

Friday The 13th collectors have been eagerly awaiting NECA's release of their new Jason Voorhees Mego figures ever since they were revealed at the New York Toy Fair this past February. Part of waiting for the release of the figures is now also wanting to know what the packaging design will look like for both the Friday The 13th Part 2 Jason figure and the Friday The 13th: A New Beginning "Roy" figure. Right now, we have a cool sneak peak of the packaging design for our readers of the "Roy" figure for the upcoming release.

Below, check out the great shot of illustrator Jon Wardell as he creates the packaging artwork for the upcoming "Roy" Mego styled Action Figure. The image was tweeted out by Randy Faulk and this shows the fun direction NECA is going with this line of figures. Look for more on these products within the next few months.