Tom Savini In Discussions To Direct New Friday The 13th Film?

News about cast and crew participation in the new Friday The 13th film have been far and few between of late, so our attention was grabbed tonight when one of our readers Pizowell was nice enough to alert us to an interesting revelation made this weekend at the Mad Monster Party convention. For those that follow our stories on a consistent basis, we have been informing our readers about certain Friday The 13th alumni that were signed to attend the Mad Monster Party event taking place this weekend, for which effects legend Tom Savini was apart of.

Apparently, during a panel Tom Savini was participating in, he mentioned that he was being courted to direct the new Friday The 13th film! Now this would be an awesome addition to the new film and this news surely would excite the fanbase, however, according to Bloody Disgusting, it sounds like Savini being part of the franchise again is too good to be true.

The Horror news site mentions that their sources have confirmed the Savini comment to be untrue and that "Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes are currently in discussions for a director to bring the Voorhees family back from the grave." So, was Tom Savini being courted at some point to direct and it fell through? Was he just having fun with the crowd this weekend? It's hard to tell, but it does sound like Paramount is trying to nail down a Director, and when that happens, the dominos will start to fall for the new film to go into production.