Jason Voorhees Actor Has Another Foe In Mind For Freddy And Jason

As we reported back in December 2010, DC Comics, which own the rights to publish Jason and Freddy in comic form, informed our website that there were no immediate plans to continue Jason Voorhees in the comic book world. This is still disappointing to not only the fans of the films, but aficionados of comics themselves. However, perhaps Jason Voorhees himself can help get a new comic rolling.

Ken Kirzinger, (Jason Voorhees, Freddy vs Jason) developed a story line back in 2006 that would have Jason and Freddy Krueger meet their proverbial match in mega fan "Stan". The title of the comic would then be of course called, Freddy vs Jason vs Stan. The story would have the three tangled in a three way match to the death much like the previous two "versus" comic book releases involving Jason, Freddy, and Ash Williams from the Evil Dead series.

At this time, the comic has not been give the go ahead by DC Comics to produce, but we are hoping that Ken gets an opportunity to show his idea to the fans. Ultimately, Ken mentioned to us a few years ago that he created the comic as a thank you to the fans for all of the support for his role in the series as well their devotion to the entire franchise of films.

If any movement happens with this new comic story line, we will be sure to let everyone know!