First Jason actor Ari Lehman cast as lead in new flick The Wicked One

Friday fans know Ari Lehman well.  Ari has the distinction of being the first actor to ever portray the iconic Jason Voorhees on screen in the legendary closing scene of the original Friday the 13th which sees him unexpectedly emerge from the waters of Crystal Lake behind final girl Alice Hardy and drag her back with him to the murky bottom.

Ari has been frequenting the convention scene for years, spending time with fans of the franchise and playing music with his band First Jason…I know, wicked name right?  Dabbling back into the film world beginning in 2006, Ari has made several cameos and appearance in genre fare including titles such as ThankXgiving (2006), Terror Overload (2009), and The Girl (2011).

Well as announced today via the film’s Facebook page, Ari has been cast as the lead in upcoming horror indie The Wicked One.  Ari will be playing a character by the name of Count Creepy.

While plot details are still to come, The Wicked One is coming to us from Jonestown films, Silverchain films, HM&M films and director Tory Jones, who is known to indie fans for such flicks as The Killbillies (2012) and fan-film Halloween Homecoming (2009).
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