Kotobukiya Shows Off New Concept Art For Upcoming Bishoujo Jason Voorhees Statue

This is our first time discussing the Japanese Toy Company Kotobukiya, but looking at their line of licensed toys and statues is quite remarkable. We are always looking for something new to report on for the franchise and what we found out about today is going to turn some heads and probably have a few opinions offered up by our readers.

Over on the company's Facebook page, they have just revealed an artist illustration (pictured below) of their new upcoming Freddy and Jason Bishoujo statues! These are the first in Kotobukiya's new line of Horror themed Bishoujo statues and although they are way out of the norm for the type of figures and statues we report on usually, this art posted below looks pretty awesome! There is no other news on exactly what will be included with this statue or the price, but it looks as though we will find out more about this unique project at the upcoming New York Toy Fair this week.

If you want to find out more about Kotobukiya and their products, visit their website and we will be sure to keep everyone up to date on this new Jason Voorhees inspired statue in the coming weeks.