Characters You HATED To See Die!! Episode 4: Vicki

Ok, it’s no secret that the majority of Friday fans watch each chapter hoping to be shocked and awed by the extravagant and often explicit ways that each would be victim will be dispensed in.  It could even be argued that some characters are set up just for the payoff of rooting for and enjoying their bloody ends -  we’re looking at you Charles McCulloch…

Having said that, every so often one of the films would present a demise that not only caught fans off guard, but we were actually sad to see them meet their maker.

This leads us to a character death that really is two-fold; Vicki from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.  Played by Allison Smith, Vicki is not only sweet to a fault, she is supportive friend and co-worker to all around her.  Working hard as a waitress serving two for one Jason burgers at the ill-fated diner for the intolerant boss Joey B., Vicki is a long-time friend of the estranged Jessica Kimble who has returned to town and reunites with Vicki who works alongside Jessica’s Mother Diana Kimble at said diner.  Such a friend to the Kimble family, Vicki takes it upon herself to try (unsuccessfully) to cleanse the aftermath of Diana’s bloody death before Jessica arrives so that she would not have to bear witness to it.

Not much else is known regarding Vicki’s background, but one thing is for sure – when the shit hits the fan this is one girl you’d want on your side.  As Robert-Jason attacks the diner, friend-to-the-end Vicki makes it clear that you don’t get to her friends without going through her.  Channeling her inner Linda Hamilton, Vicki grabs a shotgun and pummels round after round into Robert-Jason, and when those run out she grabs the nearest rod iron (don’t ask me why it was just there, I don’t know either) and impales the unstoppable force straight through the belly. 

Unfortunately, her dedication and fighting skills only lead to martyrdom, as Robert-Jason reaches to her and her fate is sealed.  Now as I said, Vicki’s doom is two-fold and that’s because as likeable and commendable a character she is, the girl sure does die well.  Not only does Robert-Jason provide a double impale as he invites Vicki to share the iron rod currently sticking out of his belly, but he then reaches to her sweet face and gives us the now signature Jason head squeeze topped by brains and gore bursting to the ceiling but not before Vicki can get one last word in with “Go to hell!”  Don’t worry Vicki he will, it’s in the title after all.

So let’s take a minute to remember this selfless character who not only gives it her all to protect her friends and help them escape the massacre ensuing at the diner, but also provides us the viewer with a memorable kill scene we can’t help but enjoy despite hoping for more for good old Vicki.   

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