Kane Hodder Is 'Abandoned In The Dark'

Jason Voorhees actor Kane Hodder has truly expanded into larger starring roles taking on interesting characters that scare us outside of masked killers or scary apparitions. So it is no surprise that Kane is now getting ready to film a new anthology film based on on a best selling book of four stories.

David Boyle's book Abandoned In The Dark is the basis for the new film and more can be found about it below. Look for more news for this anthology coming soon!

Abandoned in the Dark is a collection of unnerving stories which are grounded in reality, journeys that promise to keep you awake at night and get your heart pound- ing. "Abandoned in the Dark" and "Close Call," among other similar stories collected here, delve into our universal feeling of dread and will ruthlessly steal your breath away. "Behind the Curtain," a uniquely unsettling sexual tale ridden with disturbing undertones and unforgettable imagery, is certain to haunt parents in particular. As is true of all David Boyle's stories, he achieves depth of character and insight into reality without sacrificing suspense or believability, rewarding the reader with imaginative plot twists and unexpected climaxes. The situations in this collection could happen to anybody. Just ask yourself this: Are you ready to face your fears?

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